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seaweed dumplings

black lentils, millet, seaweed, beet, smoked onions, stuffed dumplings with may ploy vegan aioli.

two run farm short rib special

black rice, field peas. lamb belly bacon, short rib, topped with kumquat jam

Housemade flatbread!

Bowl of Food, Changes daily



Vegetable Ingredients

We source produce locally. From the sweet potatoes in the tots to the kale in the salads and the beets in the flat breads. Our grains we purchase organic, and it is our mission to keep that integrity.

Our Vegan Menu

About Sneaky Pickle

Sneaky Pickle is a collaborative cafe centered around the philosophy that humans should consume less meat and more plants - simple as that. A vegetarian diet, while conscientious, should also be exciting, delicious and affordable to the masses. Sneaky Pickle is a bunch of people making it happen!

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Our current hours are 11AM - 9PM every day! We have limited delivery. Please call for availability and to see what's cookin'. 504 218 5651

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