Saturday October 18, 2014 right here at Sneaky Pickle we are having a sonic throw

down benefiting Nola to Angola and sponsored by No More Fiction.


Four Bands- Soda, No Code, Patsy and Fat Plastik- will unleash their musical styles for

your listening pleasure. From Florida to New Orleans, each group brings sonic force

and energy, a perfect backdrop for dancing, socializing and being in the moment.


Soda: A Punk rock trio from Gainesville Florida with some musical nods to the

Butthole Surfers and Polvo. Soda has released some new music released this year.

Check the links below


No Code: Trio from Pensacola Florida, bringing a slowed down Ramones punk

style with some darker sounds, but still enough energy to get your soul grooving.


Patsy: A local Punk rock band with members of Swampass and Mystic Inane.


Fat Plastik: Electronic Noise/Ambient/ Drone style group. You have to hear

it to believe it.


Nola to Angola: NOLA to Angola is a long-distance, solidarity bike ride

established in 2011 to raise funds for the Cornerstone Builders‘ Bus Project. The

NOLA to Angola route travels over 160 miles from New Orleans to Angola prison

over a three-day period. The route covers areas of Southeast Louisiana that are of

ecological, historical, and social interest.

No More Fiction: No More Fiction supports all-girl, mixed gender, female-
fronted, queer & feminist DIY and punk bands locally, nationally & beyond! We also

focus on doing shows to benefit community organizations and other local causes.