Sneaking with pickles on a chilly winter day!

Welcome to 2015,  and fired up for a new year, new cycle and inspired by the hopefulness
of folks wanting to make positive changes in their lives. We at the
Pickle are no different, heading vegetable first into the New Year with
hopes, dreams and goals to make The Sneaky Pickle a better restaurant
experience. One of our goals is to have more of an online presence
entertaining and educating guests and the curious alike with
philosophies of what and why we do. Ingredients and techniques we think
are important to share and highlight, cool organizations we represent
and think you should check out or quite possibly some random food for
thought or thought about food.

For example, when I’m grocery shopping, I am looking for item’s that are organic, local and grown sustainably,  but what do those phrases mean exactly? Is there a federal definition or do individual states or even pro food groups define these phrases. Well worry a little less because we did a little research, (ah Wikipedia,)The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) goal of organic food and organic farming as:


TheUSDA lists certified organic as: 95% of contents must be free of synthetic additives (pesticides, fertilizers, dyes) and must not be processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering. The other 5% must come from an approved National list.Iam having some difficulty finding the 5% list, but you can visit the website, See if you can find the list.

More importantly, buying from a local farmers market or eating at Sneaky Pickle or restaurants that are developing relationships with farmers andgrowers to make a more intimate connection between you and the food youput into your mind, body and spirit. Some of these farms may not be completely organic, but are moving towards that goal. Growing organic, and cleaning soil requires time and money. Remember it’s the journey andnot the destinations. The experience is more rewarding on many different levels and is a lot of fun! In fact, next post we will take a look at one of the local farms and introduce you to some of the folks 

who grow the food you are snacking on for lunch right now!! Keep eating your Veggies!!!